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Story Telling

Hear A Story, To Take A Journey

A whale of a tale

Good times never fail

When a story is told

And surprise does unfold!

Story telling has been a tradition in my family for generations. My grandfather was a minister, my father a teacher, but we were all story tellers, passing on knowledge and wisdom, morals and lessons through vivid dialogue and lively presentations.


Story telling is a magical transaction. If you are looking for your meeting or conference, why not consider hiring me, to excite and mystify your guests.

 Each story is original, tailored specifically for the audience attending.

 Story sessions can be customized to any time period and told in any venue.

 No set-up or multi-media support necessary.

 Inexpensive, highly entertaining alternative activity to make any conference memorable. Great for adults and kids alike!


Paula Sacrey

422 Pleasant Street, Apt. 14

Truro, Nova Scotia

To contact me:

Phone: 902-956-0635